Spira was founded July 2009. Spira is a Latin word that can be translated into three different English terms: breath, life, and spirit. All three SPIRA hopes to give to children that have to live with health issues,disabilities and deficiencies.  One of the goals for SPIRA is to raise Public Awareness to communities, friends, and family of different challenges these young children and teens face. With a better understanding, SPIRA wants to encourage living and enjoying a full life while accepting and understanding every person's unique situation. SPIRA creates presentations, slides, and workshops with special speakers (such as specialists and doctors) for different organizations to present at schools, club events, organization meetings, philanthropy events, and so forth. That information is also posted here on the website for those wanting to attain more knowledge on certain discussions. 

"The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is." SPIRA would like to help children and teens with disabilities and deficiencies grow in spirit and enjoy every minute on this earth. With the knowledge of coordinating and planning events, SPIRA offers its services to any and all that would like to plan a Special Event benefiting any and all organizations fighting against the obstacles that make it difficult for children to lead normal, healthy lives.  Areas of knowledge extend from dinner parties, auctions, runway fashion shows and student-run fashion shows, to bake sales, private events, and carnivals.

SPIRA is in the process of creating its first support group for children and teens with Lupus, Arthritis and related disabilities. This group will help children and teens understand the changes happening in their bodies and the many ways to enjoy everyday activities while taking care of themselves. The group will be open to children and teens but parents, family, and others are more than welcome to come. The future goal of SPIRA is to have specialists speak to the group and answer questions and concerns.

For further information please fill out the contact form and we will promptly respond.

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